Who we are: 

We are loved, forgiven, and set free from fear and shame no matter what-and so are you! Come join us for worship to learn more about God’s story: the story of hope in the midst of hopelessness, joy in the midst of sorrow, and life in the midst of death.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a worshipping body that is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. That being said, many of us have different non-Lutheran backgrounds. So if that’s not what you know, that’s okay. It’s not our Lutheran identity that makes us belong, it’s God’s grace!

We gather together from the small town of Hills, MN and the surrounding area each week to worship. In worship we give thanks to God, hear the story, and gather around God’s table. As a community of faith, we support one another through times of celebration and challenge.

What we believe: 

We believe that all of us were made in the image of a loving, merciful God. We believe that Christ Jesus lives and that makes all the difference! We believe the spirit is at work in the messy, beautiful world around us as the story of God continues brining hope, joy, and life in unexpected places.

What to expect when you join us for worship: 

Our worship follows the ancient pattern of Gathering, Word, Meal and Sending that ties us to Christians around the world. We sing songs that are familiar and that are new. Even if you don’t quite know what we are doing throughout worship, our projection screen and worship bulletin are there to help you follow along and join us in prayer and in song.

God is present everywhere, and yet we gather together each week around the table and share in the Eucharistic Meal because God promises to show up there. And breaking bread together is a holy experience. Plus, you can never have too much Jesus! We bring our children (or ourselves) to be washed in the waters of Baptism, because God promises us to show up there, too. Both baptism and communion are mysteries that we don’t claim to understand, but we trust that God, who is loving and merciful, is at work in them for good.

Other opportunities: 

In addition to gathering for worship we have opportunities on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to dive deeper into the story of God for adults and children of all ages. Together we explore how the story of God lives on today, how we are a part of it, and the ways it can change our lives for good!

God’s grace meets us wherever we are, so come as you are and learn about our great and loving God.